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3 Techniques to Extend Pleasure with a Luxury Amsterdam Escort

The company ladies that make up the cast of John agency are known for their beauty, knowing how to be and professionalism. That's why, our luxury Amsterdam Escorts , are a safe bet for those gentlemen who look for the best company in their appointments. Appointments, that in addition, usually mean to enjoy moments of unequaled pleasure. With the perspective of extending these moments of erotic enjoyment together with a luxury escort we collect 3 techniques that will help you in the task. Before reaching the point of no return with a luxury escort. In the course of a sexual encounter both men and women go through four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm and ending. This technique is to know where you are. To do this, controlling your breathing will be very helpful. Breathing begins gently and gradually increases as the climax approaches, therefore, keeping it constant will be a valuable pleasure tool. Also, when the excitement of your encounter with a call girl increa

5 Reasons to Have a Fetish Encounter with an Escort from Amsterdam

Basically fetishism is to achieve greater sexual arousal. To do this, something different is included in the erotic encounter: a specific object such as lingerie of a certain color, toys, heels, etc. At other times the excitement is achieved by focusing on a part of the body other than the sexual organs, for example, the feet, the big toe, the ears, armpits, etc. And another way to enjoy fetishism is simply to have sex in a specific situation: in a public area, in a specific position, with games of submission and domination, etc. Pleasure is a sensation to which we can not put limits and the ways to achieve it are incalculable. A fetish encounter with an escort from Amsterdam can be one of the most memorable experiences you've had in a long time. Do you want to know the reasons? 1. You can try new things with your luxury Escort in Amsterdam . Speaking of sexual fetishism, the extra excitement can be produced by anything. From red heels, the smell of perfume, leather or

Why Hire a Luxury Amsterdam Escort from the Harry Agency

We are sure that on many occasions you have reconsidered picking up the phone to arrange an appointment with some of the beautiful girls who work as Amsterdam Escorts , but perhaps embarrassment or shame has prevented you from enjoying this great experience. So today, from the agency of Harry want to encourage you and give you reasons why, at last, dial our phone number and live one of the greatest pleasures of your life.   More and more we like to enjoy the little things and put aside the bad moments. Sex, with which we release the hormone of happiness, endorphins, is the best antidote for a bad day. But often it brings situations and complications that we did not seek, that is why safe and uncompromising sex is the solution.    Forget the calls to ask for explanations, the bad faces and the '' headaches ''. A luxury Amsterdam Escort lives the moment by your side and will not demand anything that you do not want to offer. You can be yourself with our gir

Amsterdam Escorts of John and Business, the Perfect Combination

We are leaving summer behind and our rhythm is changing. A new cycle imposes itself with force. Every time the office hours get longer, more phone calls and more stress. However, there is a way to break all routine, throw it out the window and let yourself go. With our AmsterdamEscorts from the agency of John you can be yourself and release all the accumulated tension. Count the hours to see them again and best of all: without commitment, without explanations and without the bitter moments of relationships. TAKE THE GOOD. TAKE AN ESCORT We know that sometimes work and responsibilities prevent us from enjoying free time and that business meetings can be boring. That is why many businessmen prefer to be accompanied by beautiful women who combine elegance and discretion; able to speak fluently in several languages ​​and to engage in conversations about politics, economics or sports. But it is not enough to be accompanied, the complicity with your "partner", interac