3 Techniques to Extend Pleasure with a Luxury Amsterdam Escort

The company ladies that make up the cast of John agency are known for their beauty, knowing how to be and professionalism. That's why, our luxury Amsterdam Escorts, are a safe bet for those gentlemen who look for the best company in their appointments. Appointments, that in addition, usually mean to enjoy moments of unequaled pleasure.
With the perspective of extending these moments of erotic enjoyment together with a luxury escort we collect 3 techniques that will help you in the task.
Before reaching the point of no return with a luxury escort.
In the course of a sexual encounter both men and women go through four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm and ending. This technique is to know where you are. To do this, controlling your breathing will be very helpful. Breathing begins gently and gradually increases as the climax approaches, therefore, keeping it constant will be a valuable pleasure tool.
Also, when the excitement of your encounter with a call girl increases too much, it is advisable to take a short break, about 5-10 seconds. The trick is to repeat the process as many times as necessary.
It is also advisable that in your encounter with a luxury escort opt ​​for soft movements, replacing stronger ones and causing more friction. In this way you will not only prolong the moment, but the end will be epic.
Being Courteous With Your Luxury Escort
According to the rules of courtesy, there is an old saying that says "Ladies go first". This phrase serves as an excuse to illustrate this technique, which is none other than concentrating your efforts on provoking the pleasure of your luxury AmsterdamEscort.
Develop your love arts to achieve that she reaches orgasm in the first place will have a double reward for you. On the one hand, you will take away the pressure on yourself, on the other, you will be widely awarded by the escort of your choice. Continuing with the sayings, there is one that is always fulfilled: "Give and it will be given to you".
Find and Press the "Stop" Button
Yes, men have a "pause" button, very useful for those occasions in which we want to extend the moment of pleasure with a luxury escort. For this, the "keel" exercises, prior to the encounter, will strengthen the muscles responsible for the control of ejaculation. Developing these muscles will give you a greater command of the situation.
But also, to prolong the exciting sensations that you are enjoying, you can squeeze at a point that is just below the glens. In this way, the tension applied to the urethra disperses the urgency you may feel. Techniques that, later on, will help you amplify even more the exaltation of the climax.
If all this were not enough, there is always the possibility of repeating. A second time will allow you to have a much longer sexual encounter with a luxury escort.



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