5 Erotic Techniques to Enjoy With an Escort from Amsterdam

Do you know 5 Erotic Techniques to Enjoy With an Escort Amsterdam? Because in life, not everything is work and dedication, from the blog of the escort agency of John, today we want to talk to you about pleasure, to spend an exciting evening of relaxation and enjoy the hand of one of our escorts of Amsterdam. For that reason we have made a compilation of the 5 best erotic techniques that you can enjoy with our beautiful Amsterdam Escorts. Prepared?
Enjoy the Philippine reel with an escort from Amsterdam.
This erotic technique is native to the Philippines. The technique in its principles consisted of tying a string, twine or thread to the base of the erect penis. What was achieved in this way is to lengthen the sexual encounter and achieve epic orgasms.
Nowadays, the use of the thread is in disuse. The reason is that now we have erotic toys as effective and much more stimulating. To perform this technique nothing better than the vibrating rings.
In your next meeting with one of our Amsterdam escort you can incorporate this type of toy during oral sex, to put it into operation later. When you are enjoying your rhythmic movements, the vibration of the ring will make you immerse immense waves of delight. Just before the climax, our escort from Amsterdam will release the penis from the ring and the pleasure will reach heights you have never enjoyed before.
The tantric kiss of an escort from Amsterdam.
Tantra is a philosophy that comes to us from India and its kiss goes far beyond what we understand as such. To fully enjoy this erotic technique, it is essential to be relaxed. What begins with a kiss is combined with caresses, kisses, bites and suctions along the body of the couple. The peak moment will occur just before the climax. At that moment your companion of the agency of John and yourself must remain immobile, exchange glances and join both mouths. While she inhales, you exhale and finally release the orgasm that will be glorious.
Riding the waves with an escort from Amsterdam.
They say that the waves of the sea come from seven to seven, the seventh being the most powerful and grandiose of all. The idea of ​​this technique is to ride them all without missing a single one.
Although our AmsterdamEscorts live inland, we can assure you that they know perfectly well what we are talking about. When you enjoy the company of one of our "call girls" from the capital, you can recreate this technique that consists of stimulating the orgasm until you sense that it is approaching. At that moment all activity is stopped, to start again soon after. The operation is repeated several times until you finally get on that seventh wave, the largest of all to ride with a wave of liberating frenzy and finally let yourself gobble it up.
Alignment with an escort from Amsterdam.
Although the name of this technique lacks poetry "coital alignment", we can not be fooled by it, behind these prosaic words hides perhaps one of the best known methods to stimulate the pleasure of both man and woman.
The posture is very similar to the well-known missionary, however, the penetration is postponed. This technique involves a movement up and down stimulating the desire of both in an absolute friction that can make you go crazy with pleasure. You will decide how it ends.
Nine movements about an escort from Amsterdam.
The technique of the nine movements, really is a game of depths. This time the mastery is completely in your hands. It involves making 9 superficial penetrations and a much deeper one. At first you start slowly until you achieve the complete sequence, then increase the pace and gradually reduce the number of superficial penetrations for each deep movement (first 6 and then 3). In this way, you will take your partner from John agency by surprise with an erotic game only suitable for the most expert lovers capable of stimulating a woman in the most varied ways.
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