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There are many men and women looking for sex in Amsterdam. Whether it's free sex in chats, websites or liberal clubs, such as paid sex in brothels, relaxation houses, escort agencies or web directories. Never in the recent history of Netherlands has it been so easy to obtain sex.

Also, the increase in the offer that the prostitution and sex market in Amsterdam has experienced. Young women, foreign and spectacular physical fill the market with an exotic and abundant offer that has led to a decline in prices, making available to all pockets the sex of payment that was once exclusive to a few.


The reasons between women and men who seek sex in Amsterdam are very varied, as is the situation that accompanies them. Although these reasons are personal and can have many nuances, there are general reasons that lead many women and, for the most part, many men to look for paid sex in Amsterdam.

There is a large majority of singles who decide not to get complicated and choose an easy way to fulfill their sexual desires with a prostitute or Amsterdam escort. Although more and more, there are clients who resort to burgeldes and escorts houses in search of a variety and professionalism that their ligues can not offer them.

There are also those who have a partner but still resort to paid sex , either because their relationships do not see their sexual needs met (fulfill a sexual fantasy, low sexual frequency, dissatisfaction, ...) as those who simply seek to sleep with other girls .

We can not forget that there are men who are virgins and do not find the way to have sex with any girl, finally deciding to resort to a professional sex in Amsterdam. Not having to expose himself to ridicule, nor to bond emotionally.

Sex Amsterdam

In addition, Amsterdam is a coastal city where many foreign tourists come from their own country and from abroad. Many of them, choose Amsterdam in order to do sex tourism, being able to have as motivation any of the tendencies described above.

Whatever the reason that can lead a man or woman to look for sex in Amsterdam, it should be a priority to do it in the best possible conditions and with volunteer and responsible professionals that guarantee a safe experience with full consent and respect. There are many Amsterdam Escorts that they exercise by their own will, but as clients it is important to try to guarantee the rights of women who offer a service so necessary for many.


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