Are You Looking for Escorts for Couples in Amsterdam?

They say that three are a crowd but the Amsterdam escorts for couples of Tempting Escortsnever left over. They are true professionals willing to add a touch of passion and extra magic to your relationship and fulfill all your fantasies. 

The service of attention to couples is based on a man and a woman can enjoy the company of a bisexual escort. This meeting can be held at the facilities of Tempting Escorts or at home or in a hotel. Of course, the important thing when making this trio is to have a good planning and a fluent communication.


Many couples who want to get out of the routine and try new things do not know how to face a trio. The first thing to keep in mind is that this encounter differs from a casual sex encounter as a couple. In the latter, sensitivity, imagination, and the complicity of everyday life prevail. 

However, in the trio, the most important thing is to be clear about what is going to be done, when it is going to be done, who will execute it and in what way the events will unfold. For this, communication is essential not only between the members of the couple but also with the corresponding escort. 

Having said that, one of the members must take the lead and be in charge of directing the interaction of the couple and the Amsterdam Escort so that the meeting flows with the maximum possible passion and comfort.


It is necessary and mandatory to agree on the sexual services that will be performed. If we want to avoid misunderstandings or uncomfortable situations it is advisable to agree on the acts that will be carried out: Do you want your wife and the escort to do a lesbian? Does your wife agree that you enter the escort? Is it okay for the escort to kiss your husband? Is the escort willing to be a submissive in a session of erotic sado?

All these questions need to be clarified before getting down to work if we do not want to live unpleasant situations. Imagine that you are looking for a specific type of service and the selected escort does not do it. To avoid this type of disagreement, it is necessary to previously contact and specify all the services that are desired in order to have a personalized attention according to the requests received.


Once the limits have been marked, it is only necessary to take action. In a trio it is important to know how to maintain balance and respect the wishes of both the couple and the escort. Also, not leaving any component of the trio aside is crucial if we want to maintain the flow of the game and enjoy the most at all times. 

It should be stressed that we should not expect the two women to focus their attention exclusively on giving pleasure to the man, since the service of attention to couples tries to please all the members of the trio. In fact, sometimes the greatest pleasure is to see your partner practicing a lesbian with an escort.