Do You Want to Boost Your Energy on the Bed?

Be better in bed

Watching porn movies, does it make you better in bed? Does the concept "good sex" mean the same for men and women? In this post we discover the sexual practices that drive us crazy, and some tips, so you can be the best in bed. Keep reading!

Yes, watching porn makes you better in bed. It is proven that people who watch porn movies enjoy a sexual arousal that is above average. They not only use their imagination and put into practice what they have learned, but they also enhance their sexual desire and achieve a much more satisfying sex. Of course we talk about men and women, despite all the taboos that still exist around these issues.
The differences between male and female sexuality are evident. However, quality sex, for both, has to be exciting, erotic and very satisfying. We can refer to the most typical. For a woman, good sex has to be accompanied by caresses, complicity, passion and a high dose of sensuality. For men, it means that it has to be abundant, unpredictable and somewhat uncontrolled.

Essential tips for having good sex

·         Porn movies Stop doing it secretly, and enjoy watching explicit sexual content as a couple, the sex you practice during, or after, will be highly erotic. If you want to go a step further, record yourselves, you will live an unforgettable sexual experience.

·         Wild sex yes, we talk about when your neighbors wake up, when the headboard of the bed is fiercely beaten. Breathing breaths, drops of sweat sliding down the body and passionate gestures that activate all your senses. Wild sex should be practiced from time to time.

·         Spontaneous sex Forget that the best time to have sex is when you have finished your chores, or that particular day of the calendar. Spontaneous sex drives us crazy. Leaving your partner without clothes of a rapture, a place in the house unfit to maintain sex, even an assault on your partner immediately entering the house door is very exciting.

·         Forbidden places. Public places, morbid fantasies, even new games or erotic toys give you that spicy touch and almost censorship that can go so far. In moments like this, adrenaline runs through your veins offering you a state of absolute pleasure.

·         Insinuate yourself Do not ask, offer yourself. Imagine your wife with your favorite shirt, very sexy, wiggling in front of you, provoking you without saying a word and with your most picantone look. It will be enough so that you can not resist. In the case of women, imagine your man, shirtless, with jeans without underwear, conqueror by nature. It will make you a thousand see that you fall exhausted to their charms.

·         Be sensual the fact of being sensual and delicate is not only for women. We all love an erotic massage, where they relax and excite you at the same time. It is perfect to start the sexual relationship, get in contact body to body, and enjoy that complicity and relaxation together. The body by itself reacts to so much caress, and gives you a calm and very erotic sexual desire. We recommend using all parts of your body to make the massage more daring.

·         Be dominant. Nothing more erotic than seeing your partner dominating the situation. Driving, indicating and saying how and where you want to go with you. Do not let it always be the other who takes the initiative, and above all do not abandon yourself to their tastes. Say that you like it and how you want it, is the perfect way to maintain that sexual desire.
Know your partner sexually through these tips. In summary, good sex is the one that leaves you breathless, that catches you from unexpected and keeps you receptive to innovate and grow sexually. And if you do not have a partner, come to Tempting escorts and let yourself be taught by the best luxury Amsterdam Escorts. They can teach you the best weapons to be the best in bed.


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