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Black Kiss ... Yes, At Tempting Escorts!

The black kiss is one of the most widespread taboos of sex. It is, for many, the forbidden word, a practice only in the hands of the most expert. Do you know what it is? The black kiss, as it is popularly known, is anal oral sex: stimulate through the tongue or lips the anus of your partner. Do you feel like trying it? We invite you to visit our house of appointments of Tempting Escorts with Escorts in Amsterdam and discover these sensations! You will agree that the black kiss is one of the least sexual practices performed by heterosexual couples. The discovery of the anus through the lips is usually not very explored, so there are very few women who will know how to do it perfectly. Find some of them at Tempting Escorts! The black kiss is usually the preamble of a spectacular intercourse. The relationship usually begins with oral sex on the genitals and deriving to anilingus (as it is also known as the black kiss). The infinity of nerve endings that end in the anus

Do You Want To Know All the News about Escorts in Amsterdam?

Do you want to know all the news about escorts in Amsterdam? As every week, we keep you informed of the latest changes of the escorts who collaborate in Tempting escorts. This week we are loaded with things to tell you about the Escorts in Amsterdam , from girls again collaborate with us to others who decide to become a first photo book. As you know, in Tempting escorts you can always find a wide variety of escorts for all tastes. Exactly that is what we present to you this week, 4 very different escorts among them and that have in common their desire to satisfy your desires. Choose your escort in Amsterdam  After being a few weeks out, Patricia returns to Tempting escorts with renewed energy and eager to continue having fun. For those of you who don't know her, Patricia is as you see her in the photos, a beautiful escort from the Amsterdam. She is one of the few escorts in Amsterdam who dares to show her face. If when reading that comes from Netherlands, you

Enjoy Anal Sex at Tempting Escorts

Enter through the back door; practice a Dutch, encular or “give ass." There are many ways in which we can refer to anal sex! In case you did not know, this sexual practice is one of the most widespread in the world, being one of the favorite of men and more practiced by girls that you can find in Tempting Escorts. Are you coming to taste the pleasure of the best bodies and butts of Valencia? We are waiting! You will prove us right if we tell you that there are few women who embark on the adventure of anal sex. There are even few who know how to move their body and hips so that you enjoy as much or more than traditional sex. Anal sex is a power in the hands of few women, some of whom are in Tempting Escorts . Anal sex is one of the most pleasurable sexual practices, not only for us, but also for women. As we tell you on this page, in the anus there is a large concentration of nerve endings, so that it is characterized as an erogenous zone sensitive to stimulation

All about Sex inthe Water withTempting Escorts

Have you ever considered what are the advantages and disadvantages of practicing sex in the water? As you know, the high temperatures characteristic of summer encourage us to look for more refreshing and comfortable means to carry out one of the greatest adult pleasures: sex. Beaches, swimming pools and even jacuzzis become excellent centers where you can let your imagination fly and achieve your most hidden sexual fantasies. Whether it's a lonely cove or a private hotel pool, the experience will be more than exciting. To give you an idea of ​​all that sex can offer you in the water, in Tempting Escorts we tell you some of its many benefits and the odd inconvenience that you must take into account. Ready for a pleasure bath? SEX IN THE WATER WATER AND ITS POSTURES One of the main advantages of practicing sex in the water are the postures. The aqueous medium considerably reduces our weight, or at least the sensation, so that the agility and the possib