All about Sex in the Water with Tempting Escorts

Have you ever considered what are the advantages and disadvantages of practicing sex in the water? As you know, the high temperatures characteristic of summer encourage us to look for more refreshing and comfortable means to carry out one of the greatest adult pleasures: sex. Beaches, swimming pools and even Jacuzzis become excellent centers where you can let your imagination fly and achieve your most hidden sexual fantasies. Whether it's a lonely cove or a private hotel pool, the experience will be more than exciting.

To give you an idea of all that sex can offer you in the water, in Tempting Escorts we tell you some of its many benefits and the odd inconvenience that you must take into account.

Ready for a pleasure bath?

Sex in the water

Water and its postures

One of the main advantages of practicing sex in the water are the postures. The aqueous medium considerably reduces our weight, or at least the sensation, so that the agility and the possibility of movements within the water are much greater.

This makes it possible for us to perform postures with which we have always dreamed but which we have never put into practice for lack of movement. In the water, there are no excuses.
Some of the most satisfactory postures are not strictly linked to being submerged in the water, but can be achieved in a bathtub, using as a complement the shower and water pressure, which you can use to provide more pleasure to your companion while you enjoy his excitement.


Another benefit of the symbiosis between water and sex is sensation. The senses become much more acute in the water, so the caresses, the touch and even the contrast of contact with a warm body are exceptional.

In addition, we can add water temperature as a factor. The hot water relaxes most of the muscles of the body, so the kisses will be much more sensory. The cold water, on the contrary, reactivates the organism and becomes ideal to continue increasing the passion of the encounter.

But not only does touch benefit from water. The transparency of the water will make your eyes have a full eye contact with your partner's body, which will increase your excitement if you focus your eyes on what you like most about your body.

Privacy and other aspects

But not all are advantages, although they have a solution. One of the main drawbacks to practicing sex in the water is intimacy, and that is that we can rarely find a pool or a beach completely empty. The solution in this type of cases is to opt for means in which privacy is guaranteed, such as a private pool, whether its own or a hotel, a Jacuzzi, a shower or a bathtub.

The second of the less attractive aspects of this type of practice is that water, by nature, is an enemy of female lubrication, although this inconvenience, fortunately, also has an easy solution. It suffices to employ you thoroughly with your companion and use artificial lubricants that provide you with the pleasure you are looking for on each occasion.

Are you already determined to fulfill your sexual fantasies in the water? The Amsterdam Escorts that collaborate Tempting Escorts have everything you need to make you spend the best of moments. You just have to put the imagination.

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