Discover the Erotic Sado in Tempting Escorts

One of the most hidden fantasies of any man or woman is the practice of sadomasochism. Have you ever tried it? It is about obtaining pleasure through pain, a pain that can be provoked or not through sexual practice. If you go to our house of appointments of Tempting Escorts, you will have the opportunity to put into practice the erotic sado with the Escorts in Amsterdam that collaborate with us. Do not wait any longer and come and meet us!

The erotic sado is the staging of the practice of sadomasochism but respecting the desires and pleasure of both the escorts and yourself. It is about reaching a state of excitement through pain that is equal or even more pleasurable than intercourse. You can get it through the escort's orders, physical strength or through materials that hit the body.

This type of practice represents transgression, overcoming the barriers of taboos and a game that can appear to be "dangerous" (although every detail is perfectly controlled). Would you like to try it with one of the escorts in Amsterdam who come to Tempting Escorts?

We assure you that you will live an experience without equal. Just let yourself be carried away by the orders of these spectacular women. Pick up the phone and call us!

Types of Sadomasochistic Practices

The erotic sado can be put into practice in different ways, either with the attitude of a dominator and a submissive, as well as through physical force with objects or the body itself. Each pair establishes its rules: the objects they wish to use, the security words and the role play that is established between them.
We give you some ideas to try when you call our dating house Tempting Escorts. They are objects that inflict pain on the body, so that the excitement increases rapidly. Take note!

More Expensive

The latex masks are popular among customers. They represent a great sign of submission, so they are often used in a situation in which, in addition to representing an erotic game, you also seek to create pain or excitement in the face.


Wives are one of the favorite erotic games for escorts in Amsterdam de Tempting Escorts. However, they can also adopt a sadomasochistic side: if they squeeze themselves sufficiently, they can project pain by representing a scene of submission.


Whips are the best-known instrument of sadomasochism. It is the representation of punishment that something has not been done correctly. Therefore, the Escorts in Amsterdam who collaborate with Tempting Escorts often use it with clients who do not behave correctly and ignore their orders.
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