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Anal sex is one of the most pleasurable sexual practices, not only for us, but also for women. As we tell you on this page, in the anus there is a large concentration of nerve endings, so that it is characterized as an erogenous zone sensitive to stimulation. Therefore, some women classify it even more pleasant than vaginal sex.

For them, this large number of nerve endings, as well as the contraction of the same anus during penetration, achieve a much more intense sensation than with other sexual practices.

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Never forget the classics, they always are for a reason. Lie with your Amsterdam escort in bed and get her anus to relax by massaging it. Once you notice it ready to play with you, unleash your excitement and begin the penetration progressively.

On the other hand, you can also practice standing with your escort, against a wall and she in a four-legged position.


Sex toys always help, why not take advantage of them for anal sex! Since the anus is a sensitive area, they can favor its stimulation and get it to open more gradually but pleasantly. Anal plugs, even, can also be pleasurable for those women more experienced in this practice.


If there is a most attractive dildo modality, that is pegging. Do you know what it is about? Is the anal penetration with a strap-on, or what would be a belt with a built-in dildo? It can serve you to fulfill a fantasy with your Amsterdam escorts or even to see how she practices a lesbian with this belt.


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