The Importance of Preliminary

The preliminaries are important, help reach more intense orgasms

It is usually perceived as sexual exclusively related to the genital but to light the fire you must first light the wick. We are used to that, even in medical jargon, maintaining a complete sexual relationship is synonymous with doing intercourse. An exclusively physical measure but, and the pleasure? The sexual relationship does not begin at the moment of penetration but much earlier, with the preliminaries.

These per-penetration games are not only important to maintain the passion between the couple, but also to prepare the girl to achieve orgasm. Unless there is a lot of hurry to practice intercourse, it is advisable both for the physical and emotional health of both is to prepare the ground with the games before the intimate encounter. Not only will it lubricate better but it will create a greater feeling between both.

A complete sexual relationship is a satisfactory sexual relationship

The objective of the preliminaries is to provoke the other person in the most sensual way possible to warm the environment. To awaken the libido, play and seduction are a good weapon. In general, people like to start caressing and kissing the whole body of their partner: the face, the lobe of the ear, the neck, the back, the belly ... The skin is the most extensive organ of the human body and there is no hollow that resists an erotic massage. You can use aromatic oils, invigorating or even edible creams that will increase sexual desire at high speed. But what else can we do before taking action?
Erotic games Imagination is the best sex toy that exists and that is why in sex you do not just have to focus on the sense of touch. Try turning off the light to be completely dark, or blindfold your partner. You will be able to accentuate your sense of hearing and even smell. Or undress each other. A good trick is to remove a garment, stop and contemplate the naked body and let it get impatient. And then remove another layer, and another...

Sex toys Rings, vibrating bullets, Chinese balls, dildos, handcuffs ... there are many interesting options for both, maybe a visit together to a sexshop can become a very interesting preliminary itself. As soon as you get home, you will be eager to launch your new acquisitions.

Try a new place. Dare to break the monotony innovating, there are other places in the house (or even outside it) in which to start your night of passion.

It is not about doing everything in a row, but trying and repeating what works. Confidence in the couple is basic, talking about what causes more pleasure or what you like the least is essential to be able to enjoy sex without taboos and one hundred percent. Therefore, it will depend on the moment and each person, so there is no "estimated" duration.